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Fairy-Pirate Adventure Theme

Does your child like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? If so, this is the party for you. Both girls and boys will enjoy this theme where children can dress-up as fairies and pirates and go on an adventure together. Children love to enter the magical world of fairies and pirates! This is an ideal party for children aged 3-6 years old.

Our Fairy-Pirate Adventure Theme includes:

  • A beautiful fairy and a pirate will lead the children in various fairy-pirate theme activities such as dress-up, dancing, tattoos and a treasure hunt.
  • We provide beautiful fairy costumes and pirate gear for your guests to wear during the party.
  • We sprinkle on some light makeup for girls and tattoos for boys.
  • Children will create a fairy or pirate theme craft.
  • The fairy and pirate will organize and facilitate a treasure hunt game with prizes.

Ambassador Kid’s Center

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